Caneva Dal Moro | How to build a fun , young and traditional social reality

It is a new project for ATCommunication about a group of young people at the helm of a convivial place where they feel at home. 



Words by Miriam | Photography e Styling by Beatrice

10 May 2023

It’s all about a familiar, cosy environment, where you can rediscover Veneto tradition with a modern and passionate touch to it. With Caneva Dal Moro, ATCommunication plays at home to create a digital identity that speaks of a perfect destination for an evening in the company of new or old friends. 


Sometimes a cocktail is much more than just a break. 
For Caneva, the concept of gathering in a place like Montebelluna is very important; it speaks of the desire to be a go-to for social life, in a cheerful and casual way. In addition to being a meeting place for many groups of friends, here you can meet for a tasty and appetising Veneto tradition, the ‘cicchetti’ – accompanied by a good glass of wine or a drink. Popular favourites include those with the typical ‘baccalà’ (salt cod), meatballs but also some with more unusual flavours such as brie and jam and porchetta with tuna sauce. A mix of flavours and tradition that make Caneva a place where you can feel at ease, off the grid, at least for one evening.


What makes Caneva so special? 
The team, of course. Made up of cheerful and passionate women who pamper customers from the first to the last shot. 


Veronica, barlady.

For her Caneva means family. Among the drinks on the list, the Paloma is certainly the one in which she finds her character, because of that right mix of a savoury flavour and a sweeter, citrus one. In her work, she loves the fact that she establishes a friendly relationship with her customers and, according to her, the best evening of all was the New Year’s Eve 2018, which they all celebrated together. The combo she can’t give up? That of the cicchetto with porchetta and radicchio sauce.

Eleonora, owner.

She’s been in Caneva since day one – of course – she loves her job because of the special relationship she creates with her customers, and if you ask her what her favourite cicchetto is, she says: Ascoli olives, without a doubt. Halloween 2022 is the night she will always remember, the first real party after covid. The Americano is her fav drink whereas Caneva is for her, in a word, friendship. 

Mary, barlady and official cicchetti manager.

Her mission is to make customers happy. She likes being under pressure and at Caneva she feels like family. She has been working here since 2017 and preparing cicchetti is her vocation: her favourite is undoubtedly the one with brie and jam with figs, walnuts, sultanas and a slice of pear. 

The drink that represents her? The Whisky Sour for its thousands of complex nuances. 


Identity and aggregation are the key words of this project.