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The charm of Strade Grigie

Inspired by the wild beauty of the Metalliferous Hills, Geogravel Tuscany is the first gravel ride that runs across the heart of the geothermal territory among lunar landscapes, enchanted woods, and the legendary Strade Grigie (Grey Roads), an event born from Paolo Bettini’s dream to take people to discover the places of his dreams in a unique way.

GeoGravel Tuscany, 5 good reasons to ride with us on the Strade Grigie of Tuscany

This September we expect to see you in Pomarance with Paolo Bettini for the first edition of a gravel ride that promises to win everyone’s hearts – ours for sure.

GeoGravel Tuscany Edizione Zero - on board diary

A day that began like any other and ended like an epic adventure on the Strade Grigie, where Nature has mastered time and adrenaline.