We Move Your Needs. The new campaign with the trial riders

A story that combines speed, technique and performance to relate a philosophy brought to action.

Words by Miriam | Styling by Beatrice

17 February 2023

Diego Crescenzi, Marco Bonalda, Lorenzo Castelnuovo and Pietro Maroni are the new faces of Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics’ “We Move Your Needs” campaign.


The new campaign with the trial athletes by ATCommunication
Jumps, evolutions, tricks: the world of trials is a breathtaking adrenalin rush but at the same time highly technical. We started from here to create the concept of the new sport with the Azzurri created for Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistic. A video that, between the jumps and evolutions, explains the daily philosophy of the company, devoted to action. Not just a claim, but an authentic approach that has enabled Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics to become a leader in specialised logistics services such as: rebulking. In the video, made in collaboration with the FCI, trial champion athletes jump between big bags, silos and shelves to give you a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree introduction to the special features of the new logistics hub in San Quirino.


The language of sport to tell the brand’s story
Thinking about the storyboard, we simply did what we love: using cycling as a medium to convey a message. Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics is a passionate company that has more in common with sport than it thinks: speed, precision and control over every movement, in this case. 

Creating experiences to increase its audience
The athletes are fully immersed in a completely new reality allowed them to express their ingenuity and creativity to give Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics’ users an engaging and stimulating visual experience. These were among the main objectives of a campaign that wants to break the mould – just like this discipline – and explain the brand in a unique and equally spectacular way.