All the smiles of Beking Monaco 2022

Hour by hour, the story of a day of sport and sharing in solidarity.

Words by Miriam | Styling by Beatrice

30 November 2022

The sun is out over the Principality and Monaco slowly wakes up. The yachts in the harbour, the sound of the waves in the morning silence. Some people run along the quay accompanied by their faithful four-legged friends. The sun rises, the coffee shops open, the circuit takes shape, the staff are all set for the event.


When the clock strikes 9.30, the first participants arrive, the phone starts ringing and we give new directions on how to reach the start, the press area, the commercial village and the hospitality area. Nothing is missing. 

Here are the first journalists, those who will be racing in the Pro-Am, and children with their parents looking at the route where they will be cycling later.

Music begins to play in the background, the riders come and take up their positions at the ‘Jack’ where, sipping a coffee, they exchange jokes, get ready and open the kind gifts from the sponsors.


10:00 am. Time for the Pro-Am. The sound of bikes can be heard in the silence as the sun continues its journey and more and more curious people approach. Passers-by ask about the event.

Now all the teams have set off, the fans at the barriers begin to get thrilled about this mixed competition involving amateurs, ambassadors and professional riders. It is Philippe Gilbert who leads his group to victory. On the podium everyone is smiling and joking with sparkling wine.

Now it is kids’ time. Together with their parents, children – both racers and non-racers – have fun on the streets of the city circuit safely, while other younger children start to populate the area dedicated to road safety education and related projects.

Entertainment and fun everywhere: a make-up artist devotes her art skills to the children, drawing beautiful butterflies on their faces, as colourful as the drawings of the students from the Principality’s schools portraying Speedy – the event’s mascot – that adorn the shopping area. 

It is 1.30 p.m. when the Port Hercule roadway becomes the stage for the professionals – and supporters of the event. Everything is ready at the start of the Criterium, the highlight race of the day. 

The forty laps on an iconic circuit ignite the public who watch a great show where their idols are the protagonists. The winner? Philippe Gilbert, who ends his prestigious career in a memorable way.

The celebrations go on with award ceremonies and autographs. So many friends have gathered around the event that it slowly comes to an end. It is now 5 p.m., the sun slips behind the Rocca. 

Silence is back after a beautiful day of sport sharing. For us at ATCommunication, another wonderful day of collaboration, learning, and pleasant encounters is over. A constructive and stimulating experience that has enriched our wealth of experience, opening up new horizons for growth.