Youth cycling, a journey to the roots of the future

ATCommunication with Team 1971 to chase small big dreams.

Words &  Photography by Miriam | Styling by Beatrice

21 July 2022

Cycling has always been our thing, or rather it would be more accurate to say that cycling has been our inspiration, ever since we were children. The atmosphere around the races, the helicopters over the finish line, the hairpin bends in the mountains full of fans, the adrenaline rush of competition, are just some of the special moments that bind us to this sport and its emotions. We are also aware that, like all self-respecting disciplines, the flame must be continually fanned, especially in an environment where generational change is rapid and continuous. For this – and many other reasons that we will explain below – we have chosen to support the 1971 girls team  during their first season in the junior category. An important goal that will be faced with a new awareness, that of already being halfway on the path to professionalism.  

The junior categories

When one thinks of the future, one always considers it as something immediate. In reality, the breeding ground of great champions plays a fundamental role in the development of a professional career. This is why the youth categories shape an athlete in terms of both performance and character, accompanying them on a journey of authentic discovery. The junior category is a fundamental step that increasingly needs the attention of supporters who can help give a solid foundation to the champions of tomorrow. 


The progressive growth of women’s cycling

The women’s movement is growing steadily, giant steps have been taken in the last two years, many new teams have been created and, above all, companies are becoming increasingly involved in these projects. Investments have given a real boost to a phenomenon that was already showing great potential in terms of economic return and visibility.

At this time, with the increase in international competitions dedicated to professional women, there is also a need to expand the pool of athletes within the teams, so it is even more important to scout them when they are young. 


The history of change is being written now and every small action can make a big difference when writing new pages of the sport. A new adventure is about to begin and we are happy to be part of it.