Driven by Performance. The new Buzzatti campaign with "Azzurri"

A story that combines performance, speed and team spirit to achieve great goals.

Words by Miriam | Photography and video by 144 FACTORY | Styling by Beatrice

1 April 2022 

Filippo Ganna, Elisa Balsamo, Jonathan Milan, Liam Bertazzo, Michele Scartezzini and Francesco Lamon are the faces of the “Driven by performance” campaign by Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistic. 


The new campaign with the FCI by ATCommunication

The video, entirely filmed inside the logistics centre of San Quirino, shows the Italian athletes getting out of a container and speeding along the lanes of the structure with wide panoramic views to convey the key points of Buzzatti’s operations. Efficiency, speed, team spirit: these are the values shared by the company and the Italian national team. 

We thought of a direct, emotional claim, which could speak of the philosophy that guides the work of athletes and professionals: high performance for maximum results.

The advantage of combining sport and brand

Sponsorship is a great way to build relationships and tell companies’ stories through emotions. Cycling has always been Mario Buzzatti’s – CEO of Buzzatti Dry Bulk Logistics – great passion. This bond led to the partnership with the FCI, also thanks also to the important shared values. Joining forces gives the same advantage as in cycling: success, results, emotions, to be transmitted to customers to significantly increase brand awareness..