BikeandTaste is cycling tourism that combines nature, food and culture

ATCommunication presents a project involving the territory and sport, with Paolo Bettini as its exceptional ambassador.

Words & Photo by Miriam | Styling by Beatrice

31 December 2021 

Stemming from Beatrice’s idea of combining her two great passions – cycling and the Treviso area where she was born and raised – BikeandTaste cannot but have a special place among the projects that excite us. 

Inspired by long trips out of town, grandmothers’ recipes and the great little stories of the territory, this project aims to create a network of bike-friendly facilities and to build unforgettable experiences for those who want to live a slow and sustainable holiday.  


What is BikeandTaste is a website that promotes tourist destinations with high cycling value, paying particular attention to food and wine and slow biking. It creates thematic packages and personalised experiences where the bicycle plays a fundamental role in the discovery of the territory and its most authentic and genuine flavours.  


BikeandTaste facilities 
Hotels, holiday farms, B&Bs… the facilities that join in this project are very different from each other but they all have in common the desire to offer a unique stay in the name of traditions, sustainability and nature. Hospitality is the first ingredient to make the magic happen, and it is a value that can be expressed in: homemade cakes at breakfast, cosy accomodation, a welcome cocktail and everything that makes us feel pampered after – or before – a long bike ride.  

Paolo Bettini + BikeandTaste
Exceptional testimonial of this cycling project will be the Olympic and multiple world champion Paolo Bettini. The partnership is based on the promotion of an area that is particularly dear to the Tuscan champion, Val di Cecina and in particular the Town of Pomarance, which strongly supported this agreement. From the fascinating use of clean geothermal energy to the crystal-clear waters of the Nature Reserves, there are so many treasures in these places that are familiar to Paolo Bettini. In fact, it was on these roads that he trained for the great appointments of the racing seasons and this is why he will personally guide cyclists to the discovery of those unpublished routes that tell the character of the most authentic Tuscany. 


What BikeandTaste can do for you or your company
BikeandTaste offers experiences where everything can be customized with completely bespoke itineraries according to your tastes and needs. It is also a great idea for original team building and corporate incentives. Truly unique experiences that unite and dissolve all formalities.