Spazzolplastica, the Konik revolution

Konik’s product marketing projects Spazzolplastica into the future of warehousing.

Words by Miriam |  Styling by Beatrice

29 October 2021

Spazzolplastica has been a leader in the design and manufacture of wire winding products for over fifty years. The development of Konik was an important step in consolidating the company’s position in the sector and increasing brand awareness. For this revolutionary new product we thought of a simple but effective product marketing, which would project the customer into the new world of Konik. 

Konik in brief 
Innovative, with a revolutionary design, Konik is a unique and patented product, conceived  to make storage even easier and to optimize space in the warehouse and during transport. Its special shape allows 17 Konik drums to be stored and transported in the space normally taken by 3 traditional drums. In addition, KoniK is the first certified drum that promotes the circular economy thanks to a complete reuse cycle, which limits the release of new waste onto the planet.

A clear and direct naming
In developing the naming, we were inspired by the characteristics of the keg and its innovative conical shape that makes it stand out. To convey the innovative and smart idea behind the product, the chosen name is short and incisive, easy to remember. 

A claim that tells the story of the product
Konik needed a direct claim that would make it clear that it was not just a simple product but a real solution, capable of revolutionising the approach to storage. That is why, out of all the claims that came from our brainstorming sessions, we chose “A new solution, not only a new product”, which perfectly sums up the philosophy of the innovative conical drum in just a few lines.