I'm sending you a voice message just to tell you about...the emotion of the ‘Azzurri’ jersey

Today so many memories pass through our Whatsapp audios. Paolo Bettini recounts his daily adventures in a series of voice messages that bring out his authentic personality and his ability to get involved in everything he does, like a true storyteller.

Words by Miriam | Styling by Beatrice

20 September 2021

Audio 1:57

The week of the World Championships has begun and, as always, the road race is the most eagerly awaited, as everyone is curious to know who will wear that very special jersey. Actually, for a pro rider the excitement starts much earlier, as soon as the idea of a possible call-up is raised. From that moment on, there is the expectation of knowing whether you will get to wear the blue jersey and then the excitement of wearing something so important and bigger than your own ambitions. Once you get the National team bag with all the national jerseys and you start to put them on in front of the mirror, you can’t wait to get into the race and smash everything. It’s something that really charges you with energy. If then you’ll have the great pride of wearing the World Champion jersey, well, you come full circle – talking about wheels – and you reach perfection. Personally, I feel lucky because I’ve had the chance to experience this incredible mix of emotions, even more than once.

Good luck to the Italian national team, come on guys!