Diary of a young wolf pt.3

A tough but satisfying season

Words by Andrea | Styling by Beatrice

4 November 2021

Mykonos (Greece) | 18 October 2021

The blue sea stretches as far as the eye can see, all around me stand the white houses of the island in the dazzling early afternoon light. I’m thinking about my season, which has been difficult and at the same time full of absolutely thrilling moments. This air and sunshine take me on a journey back to the Vuelta.


It wasn’t the first time I’d taken part in this grand tour. I liked the atmosphere in the team, we were laughing and joking, and the finish in Santiago de Compostela was incredible. I’ll always remember the moment we took the photo all together on the stage with Fabio in the green jersey. It was a great achievement for him after all the suffering he’d been through.

The atmosphere here is quiet. We went for a ride in the city this morning; I think it’s the perfect way to escape from the world. The end of the season has been really intense, especially with the participation in the World Cup. The excitement of wearing the Italian jersey is always crazy but representing your country at the 100th World Championship in Belgium is something that surpasses everything. The atmosphere there was spectacular, it was like being at a party and not a cycling race. These are emotions that stay with you forever. 

These months have been full of challenges for me, I’ve been a bit unlucky and I have some regrets about how things could have gone, but I’m certainly not discouraged, quite the contrary. I was happy to finish the season at the Giro di Lombardia. It’s almost a home race as it’s not far from where I live. It’s a Classic that suits me, the climbs aren’t too long and it would be nice to try and win it one day. This was certainly not the time as I was too tired and I was looking forward to some rest to recharge.

My phone vibrates, they are waiting for me down on the beach. I run, or rather… I walk. I’d better wait a few more weeks before running, at least until the next training camp.