Travelling by bicycle | Valuing the territory

Cycling is an environmentally friendly way to promote beauty

Words by Miriam | Styling by Beatrice

23 November 2021 

Many people are now convinced that cycle tourism is the best way to enjoy undiscovered places. The landscapes, the traditions, the flavours: everything tastes different. When you are riding a bike, you are more in touch with the experience you are living, you are putting in effort and challenge as well as exploration. If tourism today is increasingly slow, the two wheels follow this trend thanks to the role they can play in promoting a specific territory and its potential.

Promoting excellence
For every region, every town and its surrounding, every small village, there is a tradition, a special dish, a story. Italy offers such a wide variety of resources that there are still unexplored places with enormous potential that could rely on cycling tourism to help them recover after the critical months of the pandemic. The bicycle is ecological, is environmentally friendly and, at the same time, allows you to discover characteristic corners closely. This is why it can be considered the ideal means of highlighting the specific features of an area.  

A sensory experience
It is estimated that Italy has 7 to 8 museums, monuments or archaeological sites for every 100,000 inhabitants, making it the European country with the greatest artistic and cultural heritage in relation to its population. This is the only way to understand how much room for expansion there is for a sector that is already a driving force in the country’s economy. Places of culture are also places of tourism, where development can be nurtured and Made in Italy can be relaunched. The bicycle proves to be an extraordinary link between landscape, traditions and innovation, capable of  finding a simple and direct language to speak to visitors and enchant them with visions, experiences, and unforgettable tastes. Because it is no longer enough to see beauty, we increasingly need an authentic way to experience it. 

Bike friendly places
The popularity of cycle tourism is leading local and national authorities to support initiatives that promote sustainable mobility and the discovery of the territory by bicycle. The bet on cycling tourism in Italy is still open, and it is very likely that in a few years’ time we will have accommodation and infrastructure networks that are totally bike friendly and can make the cyclists feel at home in living engaging and unforgettable experiences. 

A small, yet useful and important step in a particular historical moment that does not diminish, but rather amplifies, the tourist experience.