Media relations and why they are increasingly indispensable

The job of a media relations specialist is one of the most meticulous in the communications industry.

Words by Miriam | Styling by Beatrice

16 February 2021

Developing an ongoing and constructive relationship with the media is a commitment as scrupulous as it is fundamental. Media relations has been around since the Egyptians built the pyramids, but the Internet age has opened doors that no one had ever crossed before and has led to a complete evolution of the media approach and therefore also to new and infinite possibilities of reaching the client through personalised channels. Today, media relations can aim directly at the heart of the need, bringing more concrete results than ever before. While the numbers in Talkwalker 2020’s report, produced in collaboration with YouGov, clearly explains how influencer marketing is driving the PR industry, leading research shows that good media relations activity is seven times more credible to clients than traditional advertising, and one of the most effective ways to build brand authority.


According to Aaron Blank of Seattle-based PR agency The Feary Group, the next few years will continue to see substantial growth in modern PR agencies because public relations is the foundation of online reputation management, one of the most important factors in acquiring new clients and maintaining a strong relationship with current ones.  


Media relations builds trust

The public is becoming more advanced in its search for the truth and is less and less likely to believe what it reads on social media. Media relations helps to instil confidence in the authenticity and intellectual honesty of the message being conveyed, creating a relationship of trust that involves an ever-widening circle of people, inspiring the community and reaching out to all stakeholders. Stories to be delivered to the media will increasingly focus on this objective, on creating inspiring and authentic content that can be competitive in today’s overcrowded marketplace.


Accurate strategy enhances brand reputation

“Building brand and company reputations based on relationships is as crucial as ever,” said Stephane Billiet of Paris-based agency The We Agency, talking about the evolution of this sector, “as brands are no longer just an idea, but an experience.”

Online reputation is a priority that companies can no longer ignore, and a press office offers the opportunity to get a clear view of the general sentiment of a given sector and increase the brand’s authority within a context in which media recognised as opinion leaders operate.


Well-constructed PR turns into real profit.

Structured and ongoing media relations activity can have an incredibly positive impact on business. Continuous dialogue with editorial staff and the stimulation of interest leads to a constant supply of news that steers customers towards a brand that is present rather than one that is absent from the media circuit. A good press office reaches new customers and generates website traffic that is more likely to be converted into sales.  


Things done well take time.

We have been working in the world of communications for over ten years and have used this time to build strong and lasting relationships with the most important media outlets in the industry, continuing to seek out channels that speak to the right audience about the brand. The effort and patience we have invested in the past allows us to be faster and more efficient today and to be able to get where our clients want to be in a short space of time.


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Una strategia accurata accresce la brand reputation
Costruire la reputazione di brand e aziende basandosi sulle relazioni è quanto mai cruciale” ha detto Stephane Billiet dell’agenzia parigina The We Agency, parlando dell’evoluzione di questo settore, “in quanto i marchi non sono più solo un’idea, ma un’esperienza.
L’online reputation è una priorità che le aziende non possono più ignorare e un ufficio stampa offre la possibilità di avere una visione chiara del sentiment generale di un determinato settore e accrescere l’autorevolezza del brand all’interno di un contesto in cui operano media riconosciuti come opinion leader dell’informazione.


Le PR ben costruite si trasformano in profitto concreto.

Un’attività di media relations strutturata e continuativa è in grado di incidere in modo incredibilmente positivo sul business. Il dialogo continuo con le redazioni e la sollecitazione dell’interesse porta a una costante divulgazione di notizie che orienta i clienti verso un brand presente piuttosto che uno assente dal circuito mediatico. Grazie a un buon ufficio stampa si raggiungono nuovi clienti e si generano flussi di traffico sul sito web che si convertono con più alte probabilità in vendite.  

Le cose fatte bene richiedono tempo.
Lavoriamo nel mondo della comunicazione da oltre dieci anni e abbiamo impiegato questo tempo per costruire relazioni solide e durature con i più importanti media di settore, continuando a cercare i canali capaci di parlare del brand al pubblico giusto. Gli sforzi e la pazienza che abbiamo investito in passato ci permettono di essere più rapidi ed efficienti oggi e di riuscire ad arrivare in poco tempo proprio dove i nostri clienti vorrebbero essere.

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