Copywriting for b2b, brilliant and straight to the point

Writing copy for B2B is one of the most ambitious challenges in digital marketing.

Words by Beatrice

15 June 2020 

In the collective imagination, B2B copy always comes across as something extremely institutional, standardised in a single tone of voice that speaks to the interlocutor in an authoritative but also exceptionally cold and detached way. But if emotional copywriting techniques – so effective for B2C – don’t apply here, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t an original strategy for this type of communication as well.


A message always needs a privileged way to reach the user, whatever that user may be, and even in B2B there are shortcuts to get straight to the heart of the company before the others.


B2B, let’s start with analysis.

Effective B2B copywriting starts with a thorough and in-depth analysis of your target audience. This is certainly the part of the job where you will have to invest the most time, but it is absolutely necessary to identify the peculiarities of that market niche. Therefore, it is useful to create buyer personas, representations of the ideal potential client that help focus on needs, critical issues to be resolved and the drives that lead them to buy a given service. Once the problem has been found, proposing a solution is even easier.


Tone of voice for B2B, language is everything.

When writing texts on B2B, remember that you are not talking to a robot. Companies are made up of people and, as such, they need stimulation to be interested, even when talking about business needs and requirements. The language must be direct but not standardized, brilliant but not confidential, authoritative but not austere. It must be straight to the point, without mincing words, just as professionals in that market segment are used to communicating. A good B2B copy can be read in less than a minute, but its real goal is to remain engraved in the head of those who read it, even when they are at home in their slippers, stroking their dog.


B2B communication is based on authority.

We must not forget that concise does not mean simple. The copywriter’s task is to inform themselves, read, collect data and use them to reassure the user, leading them to make decisions to resolve critical points and find solutions. Numbers, data, statistics, infographics form the basis for building an effective yet personal communication. The icing on the cake to be convincing? The opinion of an industry professional, which in B2B is worth a Michelin star.