Chinese New Year, how brands celebrate the Year of the Ox

The Chinese New Year will be celebrated on February 12 and, as every year, creative people compete to pay homage to this tradition.

Words by Miriam | Styling by Beatrice

8 february 2021

Le storie sulle congiunzioni astrali hanno sempre attraversato i secoli, influenzando le culture da oriente ad occidente. Il Capodanno lunare cinese – o festa di primavera –  è un evento che richiama l’attenzione di tutto il mondo grazie all’alone di leggenda che lo avvolge e dall’affascinante modo di festeggiarlo tra danze di leoni, piccoli doni in buste rosse e dolcetti da condividere.
Il protagonista di quest’anno torna ad essere il BUE, un animale che incarna forza d’animo, pazienza, perseveranza e al quale i creativi dei brand si sono ispirati per il lancio delle capsule collection dedicate a questa festività.  

Doraemon x Gucci

Born in 2112, Doraemon is a space cat with very special gadgets, protagonist of all kinds of adventures, in a constant attempt to help or get his human friend Nobita out of trouble.  The funny character that has filled the afternoons of millions of children around the world, returns in the Gucci capsule collection that is released on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of this manga. Doraemon, in homage to the Lunar New Year, sports two horns and invades Ace accessories, t-shirts, sweatshirts and trainers, alternating with the iconic monogram of the Italian fashion house.

The Starbucks collection and gift vouchers

The famous American coffee chain celebrates the beginning of the year with a limited collection, featuring the colours of this festivity: cups, glasses, teapots, soft toys and music boxes with the ox icon that can be purchased in Asian Starbucks. But that’s not all: the real originality lies in the fact that for every purchase customers will receive a gift certificate, delivered in a red package, the traditional hóngbāo typical of the Lunar New Year.

The classic revisited by Burberry and Louis Vuitton

In honour of the Chinese New Year, Burberry and Louis Vuitton offer two collections featuring a series of twists on great classics. The Thomas Burberry Monogram Motif is transformed for the occasion, inspired by the Year of the Ox with an original illustration; on the other hand, LV has redesigned the animal in a cartoon style, alternating it with its monogram on scarves, money boxes, and necklaces.

The LDT watch by Chopard

Luxury brand Chopard has dedicated a watch to the Chinese horoscope since 2013, and this year is no exception. The stylish L.U.C. model is adorned with a dial made of Urushi lacquer by the artist Minori Koizumi, depicting an ox pulling a cart, a symbolism reminiscent of ancient traditions and prosperous harvests. The series is limited to 88 pieces and the case is made of a block of 18-carat ethical rose gold.

New Year trainers for Vans and Nike

Nike reinterprets its best-loved models and takes inspiration from the classic red and black colours for its New Year’s Eve capsule, mixing them with floral themes and depictions of the ox. Vans also revisits its classics with Chinese designer Suwukou. A collaboration that also involves local creatives from the world of skateboarding, art, music, and street culture to reinvent iconic trainers such as Era and Old Skool.