Sidi, a timeless future

The project we have conceived for Sidi opens the memory chest of each of us.

Words by Miriam | Styling by Beatrice

6 January 2021 

Sidi – a family business – has been able to share its values of artisan know-how and cutting-edge technology on a top-notch international stage for more than sixty years.
We have conceived for them a deeply meaningful slide project, closing 2020 with a collection of everything that united us as a family in the name of sports.

“A timeless future” opens the memory chest of Sidi athletes, telling about their love for the two wheels as it began, through their childhood photos. It is a collective picture that consists of a thousand memories and sparks that stem from it forming a monumental big-bang of emotions. 

Arnaud Demare recounts when he climbed Mont-Ventoux at ten years with his mother and sister, while Jorge Prado recalls a freezing Twelfth Night when, just aged three, he tried out his first motorcycle before the traditional meal prepared by his grandma. The tastes, the smells, the sensations of those days bring to light the true character of the champions, the simple yet sincere values they firmly hold on to that have enabled them to fulfill their dreams and reach their goals.

The purpose of  “A timeless future” is to rediscover how important those days have been in setting their life direction, reminding us that – notably in these days  – each small yet powerful event counts as a piece of a great design of destiny.

The nicest thing is that we did not know where this journey would take us. When we think about communication, we cannot continue to believe that words are enough. Instead, we need to be guided by their true meaning, by their possibility to convey fundamental messages for our growth and our future. Our roots can take us very far, if we know how to listen to them.

“This picture reminds me of the Twelfth Night, all together at home, how cold it was during our walks. Unity and sacrifice were going to be the values that shaped me as a pilot years later. This is all I need to make my dream come true.”
Jorge Prado, MX2 World Champion in 2018 and 2019 seasons

Engaging the community.
In a real family, everything is shared, especially what help us feel united. This is why, after reading the stories of their favorite athletes, the followers are prompted to share their personal memory. The fans have a chance to upload a meaningful photo along with a story on and participate in this jigsaw puzzle of dreams side by side with the champions who have inspired them.